Unser Haus

The Landhaus Zur schönen Aussicht is a family owned hotel and restaurant, offering everything what makes visitors from all around feel most comfortable and "at home".

Our cosy and comfortable facilities combined with the very convenient location between Hameln (Hamlin) and Hannover (Hanover) and last but not least the beautiful environment has always been and will remain our main advantages.

Our efforts have always been to make YOUR stay as pleasant as possible as our device is:
Your well being is close to our hearts!

Please come with us for a short walkabout through the house. We are sure that our facilities and the attractions will make it easier for you to decide the right thing.

Welcome to
The Landhaus Zur schönen Aussicht
in Klein Süntel!

Karl Meder Family & team

Copyright HRS, Hotel Zur Schönen Aussicht

5 minutes walking distance into the forest

360° Ansicht

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